More about Isaac

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. I moved to Vancouver from Singapore, and ever since I became more in love with the mountains and outdoors this province and country have to offer. It also made me yearn to travel more in this world and seek more adventures after every one. My current favourite place I have been to is The Yukon, and Canada's East Coast is top on the list next.
Where is your next adventure?

Besides seeking adventures, travelling and photography, I love going on hikes, camping, cooking and baking. But mostly I love finding good coffee, beers and food; all which I can not stop having conversations about. I love creating things that sometimes I secretly wished I was a carpenter.
What are your favourite things to do?

I also love listening to people's story. When I first moved to Vancouver, I got asked this question from a friend of mine who I just met at that time: "What's your story?" I have never really thought about my story in general and I soon started compiling them together. In return, I have been asking people the same question to get to know then a little better which has been really interesting listening to every unique story. I'm all about the real talks and hanging out!
What are your stories? I would love to hear them from you!

My current obsession is all things about the early 1900s. Vintage and antiques. If you have any super old stuff you're getting rid of, PLEASE get in touch with me! 

Hence being drawn to the outdoors, creating things, taking photographs and just hanging out with people, I love to meet people alike and create beautiful photographic memories with to reminisce on. 
So let's go on an adventure or two together!

I love to travel too, so take me with you!