South Bonson Community Centre Wedding - Pitt Meadows, BC

Pat & J.T approached me at church one day asking me to take their wedding photos, and I was more than just excited to be their photographer. Both of them met where J.T was living in Seattle, Washington then, but have now moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. 

The day started out on a high note where everyone was just really excited and happy for both Pat & J.T. It started raining as soon as we left the bride's house all the way before the reception started. That did not dampen everyone's mood in the wedding party, where they braved and endured the cold and rain outside while getting photos taken. Everyone got a little wet from the rain but were all still in high spirits. 

We headed to the church where Pat has been attending since young for their ceremony which held a lot of value and meaning to get married at. It started raining heavier and time was limited before the reception had to begin. I wanted to do more photos and I suggested to squeeze in whatever time there was to do so. Pat & J.T didn't mind the rain one bit at all and it was pouring even harder even umbrellas did not keep them dry fully. Again, I was really appreciative that both of them did not mind getting their dress and suits dirtied and wet. It is your wedding day, you only do it once; might as well go all out for it. 

The evening reception took place at South Bonson Community Centre and the entire evening was just filled with laughter and more dancing.


Pat & J.T...