Travel Plans

Travelling and being in the outdoors have been something which I’m really passionate and always excited about, whether it be flying to somewhere or going on a road trip with friends. There is something about this unfamiliarity that I enjoy a lot from the curiosity of seeing and experiencing things to the people I get to meet. Every year I try to travel at least once or twice if not as many times as I can outside of photographing weddings.

Below are some travel dates of mine lined up!


Whitehorse, Yukon 20th-30th

Darrington, Washington 4th-7th

I’m based in Vancouver, BC but I’m down to travel anywhere for your destination photo needs!

Are you at any of these places during those dates and want a session?
Or even if you just want to meet up for coffee or grab a beer at a local brewery, hit me up!


Do I travel to photograph weddings and couple sessions? The answer is YES!

There are a few places in the world where I’ve always been wanting to visit one day!
If you happen to be getting married in any of these places and want to get your love documented, I would love to help make that happen for the both of you! (Click on any of the places below to see their beauty!)

The Maritimes of Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island)
Jasper, AB
Golden, BC

Not in any of the places I’ll be at? Don’t worry, I love travelling and doing that for work will be such a humbling and fun opportunity to have!

If you have a wedding or a session you want to get photographed outside of Vancouver, get in touch with me and we can start planning something beautiful for you!


Have you seen photos of the places I’ve travelled to? The Yukon has been my favourite so far!